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Network Access Control

Network access is the means for the user to connect to 5G CN. Network access control comprises the below functionality

Network selection

To determine to which PLMN to attempt registration, the UE performs network selection. The network selection procedure comprises two main parts, PLMN selection and access network selection.

Identification and authentication

The network may authenticate the UE during any procedure establishing a NAS signalling connection with the UE. The network may optionally perform an PEI check with 5G-EIR.


The authorisation for connectivity of the subscriber to the 5GC and the authorization for the services that the user is allowed to access based on subscription (e.g. Operator Determined Barrings, Roaming restrictions, Access Type and RAT Type currently in use) is evaluated once the user is successfully identified and authenticated. This authorization is executed during UE Registration procedure.

Access control and barring

UE needs to transmit an initial NAS message, the UE shall request to establish an RRC Connection first and the NAS shall provide the RRC establishment related information to the lower layer.

Policy control

Network access control and services authorization may be influenced by Policy control defined by the operator

Lawful Interception

Lawful Interception


5G UE Route Selection Policy

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5G UE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF

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5G Uniform Resource Identifier

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