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AMF Function
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SMF Function
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UPF Function
UPF Functional Description
PCF Function
PCF Functional Description
PCF Specifications
NEF Function
NEF Functional Description
NEF Specifications
NRF Function
NRF Functional Description
NRF Specifications
UDM Function
UDM Functional Description
UDM Specifications
AUSF Function
AUSF Functional Description
AUSF Specifications
N3IWF Function
N3IWF Function Description
Application Function
Application Functional Description
UDR Function
UDR Functional Description
UDR Specifications
UDSF Function
UDSF Functional Description
SMSF Function
SMSF Functional Description
SMSF Specifications
NSSF Function
NSSF Functional Description
NSSF Specifications
5G-EIR Function
5G-EIR Functional Description
5G-EIR Specifications
LMF Function
LMF Functional Description
LMF Specifications
SEPP Function
SEPP Functional Description
NWDAF Function
NWDAF Functional Description
NWDAF Specifications
Data Types

Abbreviations for 5G (3GPP Specifications)

(R)AN(Radio) Access Network
4G-GUTI4G-Globally Unique Temporary Identifier
5G AV5G Authentication Vector
5G HE AV5G Home Environment Authentication Vector
5G SE AV5G Serving Environment Authentication Vector
5G-AN5G Access Network
5G-EIR5G-Equipment Identity Register
5G-GUTI5G Globally Unique Temporary Identifier
5G-S-TMSI5G S-Temporary Mobile Subscription Identifier
5G-TMSI5G Temporary Mobile Subscription Identifier
5GC5G Core Network
5GCN5G Core Network
5GMM5GS Mobility Management
5GS5G System
5GSM5GS Session Management
5QI5G QoS Identifier
ABBAAnti-Bidding down Between Architectures
AEADAuthenticated Encryption with Associated Data
AEFAPI Exposing Function
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AFApplication Function
AKAAuthentication and Key Agreement
ALSApplication Layer Security
AMBRAggregate Maximum Bit Rate
AMFAPI Management Function
APApplication Protocol
APFAPI Publishing Function
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARPFAuthentication credential Repository and Processing Function
ASApplication Server
ASPApplication Service Provider
AUSFAuthentication Server Function
AUTNAUthentication TokeN
AV''transformed Authentication Vector
BDTBackground Data Transfer
BSFBinding Support Function
CAPIFCommon API Framework
CCFCAPIF Core Function
CCSConverged Charging System
Cell-IDCell Identity as used in TS 38.331 [22]
CGICell Global Identifier
CHFCharging Function
cIPXconsumer''s IPX
CMConnection Management
CMASCommercial Mobile Alert Service
CPCommunication Pattern
cSEPPconsumer''s SEPP
CTFCharging Trigger Function
CTRCounter (mode)
CTSCharging Trigger Function
CUCentral Unit
DEIDrop Eligible Indicator
DNData Network
DNAIDN Access Identifier
DNNData Network Name
DRADiameter Routing Agent
DRXDiscontinuous Reception
DUDistributed Unit
E-UTRAEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access
E-UTRANEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
EAP-AKA''Improved Extensible Authentication Protocol method for 3rd generation Authentication and Key Agreement
EBIEPS Bearer Identity
EIREquipment Identity Register
EMMEPS Mobility Management
EMSKExtended Master Session Key
EPCEvolved Packet Core Network
EPDExtended Protocol Discriminator
ePDGevolved Packet Data Gateway
EPSEvolved Packet System
ESMEPS Session Management
ETWSEarthquake and Tsunami Warning System
F1-CF1 Control plane interface
F1-UF1 User plane interface
F1APF1 Application Protocol
FARForwarding Action Rule
FDDFrequency Division Duplex
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
GADUniversal Geographical Area Description
GFBRGuaranteed Flow Bit Rate
GMLCGateway Mobile Location Centre
gNBNR Node B
GPSIGeneric Public Subscription Identifier
GTP-UGPRS Tunnelling Protocol
GUAMIGlobally Unique AMF Identifier
GUTIGlobally Unique Temporary UE Identity
HRHome Routed
HRESHash RESponse
HRPDHigh Rate Packet Data
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HXRESHash eXpected RESponse
IKEInternet Key Exchange
IMEISVInternational Mobile station Equipment Identity and Software Version number
IPInternet Protocol
IPXIP exchange service
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
KSIKey Set Identifier
LADNLocal Area Data Network
LBOLocal Break Out (roaming)
LILawful Intercept
LMFLocation Management Function
LPPLTE Positioning Protocol
LRFLocation Retrieval Function
MACMessage Authentication Code
MCSMission Critical Service
MCXMission Critical Service
MDBVMaximum Data Burst Volume
MFBRMaximum Flow Bit Rate
MICOMobile Initiated Connection Only
MMMobility Management
MNMaster Node
MPSMultimedia Priority Service
MR-DCMulti-Radio Dual Connectivity
MSKMaster Session Key
N3ANNon-3GPP access network
N3IWFNon-3GPP InterWorking Function
NAINetwork Access Identifier
NASNon-Access Stratum
NDSNetwork Domain Security
NEAEncryption Algorithm for 5G
NEFNetwork Exposure Function
NFNetwork Function
NGNext Generation
ng-eNBNext Generation Evolved Node-B
NG-RANNext Generation - Radio Access Network
NGAPNext Generation Application Protocol
ngKSIKey Set Identifier in 5G
NIAIntegrity Algorithm for 5G
NRNew Radio
NR-DCNR-NR Dual Connectivity
NRASNew Radio Access Stratum
NRFNetwork Repository Function
NRPPaNR Positioning Protocol A
NSCINew Security Context Indicator
NSI IDNetwork Slice Instance Identifier
NSSAINetwork Slice Selection Assistance Information
NSSFNetwork Slice Selection Function
NSSPNetwork Slice Selection Policy
NWDAFNetwork Data Analytics Function
O&MOperation and Maintenance
OTDOAObserved Time Difference of Arrival
PCCPolicy and Charging Control
PCFPolicy Control Function
PCPPriority Code Point
PCRFPolicy and Charging Rule Function
PDNPacket Data Network
PDRPacket Detection Rule
PEIPermanent Equipment Identifier
PERPacket Error Rate
PFDPacket Flow Description
PFDFPacket Flow Description Function
pIPXproducer''s IPX
PPDPaging Policy Differentiation
PPFPaging Proceed Flag
PPIPaging Policy Indicator
PRAPresence Reporting Area
PSAPDU Session Anchor
PSAPPublic Safety Answering Point
pSEPPproducer''s SEPP
PWSPublic Warning System
QBCQoS flow Based Charging
QFIQoS Flow Identifier
QoEQuality of Experience
QoSQuality of Service
QRIQoS Rule Identifier
RATRadio Access Type
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RETRemote Electrical Tilting
RFSPRAT Frequency Selection Priority
RNLRadio Network Layer
RQAReflective QoS Attribute
RQIReflective QoS Indication
RRCRadio Resource Control
RTCPReal Time Control Protocol
S-NG-RAN nSecondary NG-RAN node
S-NSSAISingle Network Slice Selection Assistance Information
SASecurity Association
SA NRStandalone New Radio
SAPService Access Point
SARIService Area Restriction Information
SBAService Based Architecture
SBIService Based Interface
SCEFService Capability Exposure Function
SCGSecondary Cell Group
SCSService Capability Server
SCTPStream Control Transmission Protocol
SDSlice Differentiator
SDFService Data Flow
SEAFSEcurity Anchor Function
SEGSecurity Gateway
SEPPSecurity Edge Protection Proxy
SFNSystem Frame Number
SIDFSubscription Identifier De-concealing Function
SMSession Management
SMCSecurity Mode Command
SMFSession Management Function
SMPSBI Message Priority
SMSShort Message Service
SMSFShort Message Service Function
SNSequence Number
SN IdServing Network Identifier
SNNServing Network Name
SoRSteering of Roaming
SSCSession and Service Continuity
SSCMSPSession and Service Continuity Mode Selection Policy
SSTSlice/Service Type
SUCISubscription Concealed Identifier
SUPISubscription Permanent Identifier
TATracking Area
TACTracking Area Code
TAITracking Area Identity
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TDDTime Division Duplex
TDMTime Division Multiplexing
TLSTransport Layer Security
TMATower Mounted Amplifier
TNLTransport Network Layer
TNLATransport Network Layer Association
TSPTraffic Steering Policy
UDMUnified Data Management
UDRUnified Data Repository
UDSFUnstructured Data Storage Function
UEUser Equipment
UEAUMTS Encryption Algorithm
UIAUMTS Integrity Algorithm
UL CLUplink Classifier
ULRUpdate Location Request
UPUser Plane
UPFUser Plane Function
UPSCUE policy section code
UPSIUE Policy Section Identifier
URIUniform Resource Identifier
URRP-AMFUE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF
URSPUE Route Selection Policy
USIMUniversal Subscriber Identity Module
V-PCFVisited Policy Control Function
VIDVLAN Identifier
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
XRESeXpected RESponse


5G UE Route Selection Policy

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5G UE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF

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5G Uniform Resource Identifier

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