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Access and Mobility Management Functional Description

Below are the Functionalities supported by Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) Network Function, a single Instance of AMF may implement some are all.

Termination of Radio Access Network Control Plane Interface (N2).

Termination of NAS (N1), NAS ciphering and integrity protection.

Registration management.

Connection management

Reachability management.

Mobility Management.

Lawful intercept, events and interface to LI system.

Provide transport for SM messages between UE and SMF

Transparent proxy for routing SM messages.

Access Authentication.

Access Authorization.

Provide transport for SMS messages between UE and SMSF.

Security Anchor Functionality (SEAF)

Location Services management for regulatory services.

Provide transport for Location Services messages between UE and LMF as well as between RAN and LMF.

EPS Bearer ID allocation for interworking with EPS.

UE mobility event notification.

Non-3GPP Access Networks Support may include by AMF.

N2 interface with N3IWF. couple of information like 3GPP Cell Identification and procedures like Handover related defined over 3GPP access may not apply, and non-3GPP access specific information may be applied that do not apply to 3GPP accesses.

NAS signalling with a User Equipment over N3IWF. couple of procedures supported by NAS signalling over 3GPP access may be not applicable to untrusted non-3GPP like Paging access.

Authentication of UEs connected over N3IWF

Support for Management of mobility, authentication, and separate security context state(s) of a User Equipment connected via non-3GPP access or connected via 3GPP and non-3GPP accesses.

Co-ordinated RM management context valid over 3GPP and Non 3GPP accesses.

Dedicated CM management contexts for the UE for connectivity over non-3GPP access.


5G UE Route Selection Policy

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5G UE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF

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5G Uniform Resource Identifier

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