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Network Exposure Function Functional Description

Below are the Functionalities supported by Network Exposure Function (NEF), a single Instance of NEF may implement some are all Functionalities.

Exposure of capabilities and events

NF capabilities and events may be securely exposed by NEF, like Application Functions, Edge Computing

NEF stores/retrieves information as structured data using a standardized interface (Nudr) to the Unified Data Repository (UDR).

Secure provision of information from external application to 3GPP network

It provides a means for the Application Functions to securely provide information to 3GPP network, e.g. Expected UE Behaviour. In that case the NEF may authenticate and authorize and assist in throttling the Application Functions

Translation of internal-external information

It translates between information exchanged with the AF and information exchanged with the internal network function. For example, it translates between an AF-Service-Identifier and internal 5G Core information such as DNN, S-NSSAI

In particular, NEF handles masking of network and user sensitive information to external AF's according to the network policy.

The Network Exposure Function receives information from other network functions (based on exposed capabilities of other network functions). NEF stores the received information as structured data using a standardized interface to a Unified Data Repository (UDR). The stored information can be accessed and "re-exposed" by the NEF to other network functions and Application Functions, and used for other purposes such as analytics.

A NEF may also support a PFD Function: The PFD Function in the NEF may store and retrieve PFD(s) in the UDR and shall provide PFD(s) to the SMF on the request of SMF (pull mode) or on the request of PFD management from NEF (push mode).


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