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5G Http - Protocol Error Or Application Error Codes

NameHttp Status CodeDescription
INVALID_API400The HTTP request contains an unsupported API name or API version in the URI.
INVALID_MSG_FORMAT400The HTTP request has an invalid format.
INVALID_QUERY_PARAM400The HTTP request contains an unsupported query parameter in the URI.
MANDATORY_IE_INCORRECT400A mandatory IE or conditional IE in data structure, but mandatory required, for an HTTP method was received with a semantically incorrect value. (NOTE 1)
MANDATORY_IE_MISSING400IE which is defined as mandatory or as conditional in data structure, but mandatory required, for an HTTP method is not included in the payload body of the request. (NOTE 1)
UNSPECIFIED_MSG_FAILURE400The request is rejected due to unspecified client error. (NOTE 2)
MODIFICATION_NOT_ALLOWED403The request is rejected because the contained modification instructions attempt to modify IE which is not allowed to be modified.
SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUND404The request for modification or deletion of subscription is rejected because the subscription is not found in the NF.
RESOURCE_URI_STRUCTURE_NOT_FOUND404The request is rejected because a fixed part after the first variable part of an "apiSpecificResourceUriPart" (as defined in subclause 4.4.1 of 3GPP TS 29.501 [5]) is not found in the NF.
INCORRECT_LENGTH411The request is rejected due to incorrect value of a Content-length header field.
NF_CONGESTION_RISK429The request is rejected due to excessive traffic which, if continued over time, may lead to (or may increase) an overload situation.
INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES500The request is rejected due to insufficient resources.
UNSPECIFIED_NF_FAILURE500The request is rejected due to unspecified reason at the NF. (NOTE 3)
SYSTEM_FAILURE500The request is rejected due to generic error condition in the NF.
NF_CONGESTION503The NF experiences congestion and performs overload control, which does not allow the request to be processed. (NOTE 4)


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