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5G Network Function Reference Points

Reference PointInterfaces
N1Reference point between the UE and the AMF.
N2Reference point between the (R)AN and the AMF.
N3Reference point between the (R)AN and the UPF.
N4Reference point between the SMF and the UPF.
N6Reference point between the UPF and a Data Network.
N5Reference point between the PCF and an AF.
N7Reference point between the SMF and the PCF.
N8Reference point between the UDM and the AMF.
N9Reference point between two UPFs.
N10Reference point between the UDM and the SMF.
N11Reference point between the AMF and the SMF.
N12Reference point between AMF and AUSF.
N13Reference point between the UDM and Authentication Server function the AUSF.
N14Reference point between two AMFs.
N15Reference point between the PCF and the AMF in the case of non-roaming scenario, PCF in the visited network and AMF in the case of roaming scenario.
N16Reference point between two SMFs, (in roaming case between SMF in the visited network and the SMF in the home network).
N17Reference point between AMF and 5G-EIR.
N18Reference point between any NF and UDSF.
N22Reference point between AMF and NSSF.
N23Reference point between PCF and NWDAF.
N24Reference point between NSSF and NWDAF.
N24Reference point between the PCF in the visited network and the PCF in the home network.
N27Reference point between NRF in the visited network and the NRF in the home network.
N31Reference point between the NSSF in the visited network and the NSSF in the home network.
N32Reference point between SEPP in the visited network and the SEPP in the home network.
N33Reference point between NEF and AF.
N40Reference point between SMF and the CHF.
N50Reference point between AMF and the CBCF.


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