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Non-3GPP InterWorking Function Functional Description

Below are the Functionalities supported by 5G Non-3GPP InterWorking Function (N3IWF), a single Instance of AUSF may implement some are all Functionalities.

Support of IPsec tunnel establishment with the UE: The N3IWF terminates the IKEv2/IPsec protocols with the UE over NWu and relays over N2 the information needed to authenticate the UE and authorize its access to the 5G Core Network.

Termination of N2 and N3 interfaces to 5G Core Network for control - plane and user-plane respectively.

Relaying uplink and downlink control-plane NAS (N1) signalling between the UE and AMF.

Handling of N2 signalling from SMF (relayed by AMF) related to PDU Sessions and QoS.

Establishment of IPsec Security Association (IPsec SA) to support PDU Session traffic.

Relaying uplink and downlink user-plane packets between the UE and UPF, including De-capsulation/ encapsulation of packets for IPSec and N3 tunnelling.

Enforcing QoS corresponding to N3 packet marking, taking into account QoS requirements associated to such marking received over N2

N3 user-plane packet marking in the uplink

Local mobility anchor within untrusted non-3GPP access networks using MOBIKE

Supporting AMF selection.


5G UE Route Selection Policy

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5G UE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF

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5G Uniform Resource Identifier

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