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3GPP Specifications for 5G Systems

29.510NRF5G System; Network function repository services;
29.572LMF5G System; Location Management Services;
29.518AMF5G System; Access and Mobility Management Services;
29.502SMF5G System; Session Management Services;
29.508SMF5G System; Session Management Event Exposure Service;
29.503UDM5G System; Unified Data Management Services;
29.540SMSF5G System; SMS Services;
29.511EIR5G System; Equipment Identity Register Services;
29.551NEF5G System; Packet Flow Description Management Service;
29.522NEF5G System; Network Exposure Function Northbound APIs;
29.514PCF5G System; Policy Authorization Service;
29.507PCF5G System; Access and Mobility Policy Control Service;
29.512PCF5G System; Session Management Policy Control Service;
29.554PCF5G System; Background Data Transfer Policy Control Service;
29.523PCF5G System; Policy Control Event Exposure Service;
29.525PCF5G System; UE Policy Control Service;
29.504UDR5G System; Unified Data Repository Services;
29.505UDR5G System; Usage of the Unified Data Repository services for Subscription Data;
29.519UDR5G System; Usage of the Unified Data Repository Service for Policy Data, Application Data and Structured Data for Exposure;
29.509AUSF5G System; Authentication Server Services;
29.531NSSF5G System; Network Slice Selection Services;
29.222CAPIFCommon API Framework for 3GPP Northbound APIs
29.521BSF5G System; Binding Support Management Service;
29.520NWDAF5G System; Network Data Analytics Services;
29.571Common5G System; Common Data Types for Service Based Interfaces;
29.594CHF5G System; Spending Limit Control Service;
32.291CHF5G System; Charging Service; Charging management;


5G UE Route Selection Policy

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5G UE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF

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5G Uniform Resource Identifier

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