Python - String Formatting

To make sure a string will display as expected, we can format the result with the format() method.

String format() :

The format() method allows us to format selected parts of a string.

Sometimes there are parts of a text that you do not control, maybe they come from a database, or user input?

To control such values, add placeholders (curly brackets {}) in the text, and run the values through the format() method:

Add a placeholder where you want to display the price:

price = 56
txt = "The price is {} dollars"


The price is 56 dollars 
Add a placeholder where you want to display the object:

object = "cooler"
txt=("the object is {}")

the object is cooler

You can add parameters inside the curly brackets to specify how to convert the value:

Format the price to be displayed as a number with two decimals:

price = 95
txt = "The price is {:.2f} dollars"


The price is 95.00 dollars

Multiple Values :

If you want to use more values, just add more values to the format() method.


And add more placeholders:

object="Ice cream"
txt =("i want {} {} of {} rupees")


i want Magnum Ice cream of 250 rupees

Index Numbers :

You can use index numbers (a number inside the curly brackets {0}) to be sure the values are placed in the correct placeholders:

quantity = 3
itemnumber = 58
myorder="i want {0} pieces of itemnumber {2} at {1} rupees"


i want 3 pieces of itemnumber 58 at 256 rupees

Also, if you want to refer to the same value more than once, use the index number:

name = "freedom tutorials"
year = 2018
myword="{0} was started in {1}.{0} is {2}"


freedom tutorials was started in 2018.freedom tutorials is famous

Named Indexes :

You can also use named indexes by entering a name inside the curly brackets, but then you must use names when you pass the parameter values.

Example :txt.format(mobilename = "VIVO")

myorder="I have {mobilename},it is {model} and of price {cost}"
print(myorder.format(mobilename="VIVO" ,model="Ypro",cost=15000))


I have VIVO,it is Ypro and of price 15000


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