MySQL - Database Info

Obtaining and Using MySQL Metadata :

There are three types of information, which you would like to have from MySQL.

  • Information about the result of queries − This includes the number of records affected by any SELECT, UPDATE or DELETE statement.

  • Information about the tables and databases − This includes information pertaining to the structure of the tables and the databases.

  • Information about the MySQL server − This includes the status of the database server, version number, etc.

  • It is very easy to get all this information at the MySQL prompt, but while using PERL or PHP APIs, we need to call various APIs explicitly to obtain all this information.

    Getting Server Metadata :

    There are a few important commands in MySQL which can be executed either at the MySQL prompt or by using any script like PHP to get various important information about the database server.

    1SELECT VERSION( )Server version string
    2SELECT DATABASE( )Current database name (empty if none)
    3SELECT USER( )Current username
    4SHOW STATUSServer status indicators
    5SHOW VARIABLESServer configuration variables


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